Guest Top Ten List

Sandeep Gautam is the author of The Mouse Trap blog , a blog focusing on cognitive psychology and neuroscience, where latest psychological research articles and findings are taken as a springboard to theorize and synthesize across disciplines, and to come up with new conceptual and theoretical frameworks. A software engineer by profession, Sandeep lacks a formal academic background in psychology or neuroscience, but has compensated for that by extensive online and offline self-learning. He can be found on twitter @sandygautam.

Top 10 Psychology Blogs For Curious Minds

BPS Research Digest

Some of the most original commentary on some of the most interesting and latest psychological research.

Mind Hacks

Vaughan Bell provides daily interesting tit-bits from psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience, linking to some of the most interesting content on the web.


A critical eye cast on the latest psycho and neuro fads, taking to task the spins and the exaggerations, and presented in a unique and maverick style by an anonymous, apparently non-professional, blogger.


Mo specializes in writing in-depth articles on psychological and neurological phenomenon, locating them in their proper historical context and relating them to the latest research findings.


A group blog whose highlights include the easy conversational writing style of SciCurious, her introductory psychology and neuroscience for dummies articles, and her Friday weird science blogs that deal exclusively with sexual matters!!.

Not Exactly Rocket Science

Ed Yong, writes feature-length (and feature-quality) articles on diverse topics ranging from biology to anthropology, and his psychological articles are, to say the least, well-accessible and well-researched.


Jeremy Dean focuses on the pragmatic daily-life implications of latest psychological research and phenomenon, effortlessly bridging the gap from the laboratory to the real world.

Psychology Today –The Essential Read

The best of Psychology Today blogs, which contain some of my favorite bloggers specializing in one niche or the other, all available in one convenient feed.

The Frontal Cortex

Jonah Lehrer highlights some of the important psychological content on the web, as well as providing original content himself, related to decision-making, bridging the two cultures and everything else in between.

We’re Only Human

Wray Herbert provides original and insightful commentary on interesting psychological findings that provide a window to the human nature.