Guest Top Ten List

S. Anthony Iannarino is the Chief Sales Officer of SOLUTIONS Staffing, the Managing Director of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy, and an Adjunct Faculty member at Capital University where he teaches Persuasive Marketing, Personal Selling, and Social Media Marketing. Anthony writes on sales effectiveness at The Sales Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @iannarrino and link with him on LinkedIn.

Of this list he writes: This was a tough list to put together. There are a lot of great sales blogs out there. To make the cut, I chose my top ten based on the actionable, takeaway content for salespeople who read these blogs to get an edge. These are my favorites for ideas that can be read and implemented immediately. If want to be more effective in sales, start with these.

Top 10 Sales Blogs

Art Sobczak's Telesales Blog

Art Sobczak's blog is full of great ideas. As an added bonus, Art occasionally posts actual voicemail messages from salespeople that are as entertaining as they are educational.

Dave Stein's Blog

Dave Stein's company ES Research provides information on the sales training industry. His blog is a great sales training resources in and of itself. It's a must read.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog

Jonathan Farrington has a sales consultancy in London and Paris. His blog is smart, and he elevates the profession of sales.

Partners in Excellence Blog

David Brock works with sales organizations to improve their performance. Many of his experiences working with sales people end up being the subject for great posts with great actionable takeaways.

Sales Blogcast

I like what Doyle Slayton does for a couple reasons. He is still actively involved in the sales game, so he writes about real world sales and leadership issues. His blog is a great resource. Also good thoughts on leadership.

Sales Blogger's Union

The SBU is a group of best-in-class sales bloggers (disclosure: I am one!) from the United States, Canada and Europe. Each month this group has 12 to 20 articles on a single topic. It is an outstanding resource for salespeople with new featured content weekly. A great reason to read the SBU is for the diversity of opinions and ideas around a single topic.

Sales Loudmouth

Smart. Funny. Great stories. Tim Roher works in radio advertising. That ought be enough to give him street cred with any salesperson.

Selling to Consumers

If you sell to consumers rather than businesses, Skip Anderson's blog is the first place to visit. Skip couples his engaging style with great ideas. Skip trains B2C salespeople, and he is the best in class.

The Pipeline

Tibor Shanto is a prolific writer, updating The Pipeline with his thoughts on ideas on sales three times a week. He also wrote the sales article of the year How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle.

The Sales Hunter's Sales Motivation Blog

Mark Hunter's blog is continually and consistently updated with real sales ideas, tips, and tools that you can immediately put in to practice. He has walked the walk, and his insights are top notch.