Guest Top Ten List

LA Music Blog is a multi-genre music blog that focuses on the LA live scene and local musicians while still covering national acts. We try to stay on the cutting edge of what music has to offer as well as cover the people and trends behind the music through our industry profiles.

Our team has picked the Top 10 Trendsetting Music Blogs to help people find not only the best music being put out today, but also the acts that are likely to make it big tomorrow.

Top 10 Trendsetting Music Blogs

Aquarium Drunkard

Most music blogs don’t have corresponding record labels, but then again, most blogs aren’t like Aquarium Drunkard! This blog shares the same city with us here at LA Music Blog and covers everything you need to know about the indie music scene.

Brooklyn Vegan

While BrooklynVegan is mostly NYC-centric, it’s still a blog to follow no matter where you live. They have everything from metal to hip hop, and they know what to pay attention to at all times.


Buzzbands is a staple of any LA music fan…or at least it should be! Kevin Bronson has an eye for live shows and an ear for what’s great in LA, and while he doesn’t always stick to LA bands, he does cover the great acts that come through town.

Invisible Oranges

This site covers everything metal, so if you love the heavy stuff and want to know the latest, follow these guys and you will never be left behind!

Kings of A&R

When compiling this list, Kings of A&R was the first blog that came to mind. I follow them on a regular basis to find new, up-and-coming acts to feature on our site, and they have an amazing track record of picking bands that get signed.

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Pitchfork was another easy one to add to this list. If an artist makes it on Pitchfork, they are going to get attention from everyone else…unless Pitchfork doesn’t like them, of course.

Rap Radar

For those of you looking for what is going on in rap and hip hop, this should be the site you follow. Rap Radar always has the inside scoop of who is working with whom and when new music will be released.


Stereogum might be more than a music site, but they have a very good eye and ear for what is great in a multi-genre format. They offer up-to-date news on the industry, the bands, and the people involved.

The Hype Machine

While The Hype Machine is more of a “Best of the Music Blogs” blog than a music news or review site in and of itself, it is a great way to get exposed to a variety of opinions on music in one convenient place.

The Lefsetz Letter

While Bob Lefsetz doesn’t blog in the traditional sense of the word, he is still one of the most outspoken and on-point bloggers in music today. I don’t always agree with him and some times he doesn’t focus on music, but if you want to know what’s happening in music today, sign up for his newsletter.