Guest Top Ten List

Mallory Harlen and Becca Thomas are the authors of the blog Serial Drama, where the motto is "We mock soaps out of love. And hate. But mostly love". Their sarcastic take on the current state of daytime drama earned them a regular column in Soap Opera Digest.

Top 10 TV Blogs

BSide Blog

We can’t think of a proper description for Ben Mandelker’s photocaps of the most ludicrous reality shows on television, but “genius” comes close to doing them justice.

Best Week Ever

Michelle Collins and Dan Hopper offer snarky, irreverent commentary on scripted and reality shows alike, with screencaps and videos. The results are side-splittingly hilarious.

Blogging Project Runway

Let’s say that you are, hypothetically, obsessed with Project Runway and want to know everything about it and its current and past contestants. Then Blogging Project Runway – which in addition to news about the show regularly gets great interviews with the designers and will link you to virtually every online story about the show – is the site for you. Although then you are totally different than us, because we have a completely healthy and non-obsessive relationship with the show. (Note: This is a lie.)

Daytime Confidential

Daytime Confidential is the best site on the internet for up-to-the-minute soap opera news, spoilers and hilarious podcasts. When you factor in their insightful commentary, prolific posting volume, and increasing ability to scoop the traditional outlets on breaking news, you have a must-read blog for soap fans.


Rich’s take on reality shows highlights both the sublime and the ridiculous that these shows have to offer. He is the reigning king of hilarious screencaps and gifs, particularly in his America’s Next Top Model recaps, which are so biting and fun that you don’t even need to have watched an episode to enjoy Rich’s post about it. Bonus points for the not-TV-related but awesome nonetheless videos of Rich’s bizarre cat Winston.

Project Rungay

From Make Me a Supermodel and Mad Men to their flagship show Project Runway, Tom and Lorenzo offer sharp, witty and ever-fashionable commentary that will make you wish you got to watch the shows with them.

TV Squad

The good bloggers at TV Squad write some of the best reviews that the world wide web has to offer, for seemingly every show broadcast on television, as well as news, Best Of lists and previews. The only danger is that as you read through post after post with interest, you may develop a funny sense of something called “HolyCowIWatchWayTooMuchTV-itis.” For those who have a more reasonable viewing schedule, you can just follow along with entries about your favorite shows.

The Ausiello Files Blog

Formerly of Soaps In Depth and TV Guide and now with Entertainment Weekly, Michael Ausiello gets tons of scoops and shares them via his EW blog. Spoiler-phobes beware, but the rest of you will like feeling like an insider with early casting and storyline news.

The Office Tally

The Office Tally offers readers everything that they could possibly want to know about NBC’s The Office. Jennie provides links, spoilers and every bit of news that fans of the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton branch need.

What’s Alan Watching

Alan Sepinwall, the TV critic for The Star-Ledger, is one of our favorite television writers. His insightful reviews never fail to make us re-evaluate episodes and, occasionally, get jealous over how well he turns a phrase.