Guest Top Ten List

Mark Sherbin is an avid music enthusiast, amateur musician, blogger, professional copywriter and fiction writer based in Chicago. He has contributed content for a variety of online music publications, including Pensatos and The Land Salmon, and has played with nine bands over the course of his music career. Mark writes about an array of underground musicians and bands at his blog, I Breathe the Underground.

Top 10 Unflappable Underground Music Blogs


The quintessential news/reviews/blog/forum site for all things punk, pop-punk, emo, hardcore and indie, with a little dabbling in parallel genres like post-punk, metal and electronica. AbsolutePunk hosts exclusive streams, and members of your favorite underground bands are frequent contributors.

Can You See the Sunset?

Old school, new school…whatever. Can You See the Sunset? gets it done. I’ve found a ton of extremely obscure but highly underrated and under-publicized bands on here. This is seriously insightful underground music exposure at its finest. MP3s included!

Folk Alley

An A.O.K. folk music webzine – run by folks, supported by folks. Here you can easily find streaming music, contests, merchandise, news, reviews and everything else folk.


For the serious metal fan. Death metal, black metal, hardcore, melodic metal…you name it, it’s here. High-quality writing for one of the most intense genres on the planet.


Following no man’s rules, PastePunk blends punk-inspired genres into an amalgam of obscure, upcoming and established bands. These guys think outside the box and really know how to challenge the radio-trained ear.


If you’re in the market for your new favorite indie band, you’ll find it here. Pitchfork’s staff is well-versed in indie music and fantastic at highlighting the next up-and-coming, off-kilter underground giant.


For the old school punk-rockers that have given up on fighting the establishment and accept that the interweb rules all. From the obscure to the legendary, covers the best in punk subgenres like crust, hardcore, oi!, pop-punk, post-punk and grindcore.


An eclectic collection of all things music. Plenty of MP3s to choose from across a wide variety of genres.

The Hype Machine

Like listening for free? The Hype Machine is an eclectic collection of songs pulled from hand-picked MP3 blogs across the internet. Search for a band you know, favorite the best and brightest blogs and listen to tunes directly on the site. If you’re adventurous, click play on the homepage and let the newsfeed work its magic.

Underground HipHop Collection

From the west coast to the east coast, all the rap you can possibly handle in one place. Sample some new artists by watching embedded YouTube videos.