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Fran Dicari is the author of the insightful youth sports blog Stats Dad. He's the overscheduled father of overscheduled athletic kids. He's a coach, a scorekeeper and an amateur sports photographer. He's also an executive and partner at Barefoot Proximity, the digital marketing agency that created and

Stats Dad's Top 10 Youth Sports Blogs

Ask Coach Wolff

Ask Coach Wolff is the place to go for the expert opinion of a nationally recognized expert in the field of sports psychology and sports parenting.

JBM Thinks

Janis Meredith gives her personal views on youth sports. Her perspective, as wife of a longtime coach and mom of three college athletes (2 in college, 1 college bound), proves valuable for parents of kids who hope to take sports to the next level.

Moms Team

The site is loaded with expert advice on health and safety, nutrition, successful parenting and sports. Youth sports parents have trusted this resource for years.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Sports Are 80 Percent Mental

Dan Peterson has put together a collection of posts and links regarding sports science, sports psychology, fitness research and the science of coaching. It’s a site for coaches and athletes of all ages, but contains many youth sports posts.

Sports Girl Play

Coach, athlete, and a mother of three writes about girls and sports. It’s a comprehensive sports site with an emphasis on swimming and gymnastics.


A surplus from the 1984 L.A. Olympics funds this site that features the latest information and stories from around the world of youth sports.

Stats Dad

My own blog. I try to provide honest insights, timely tips and comprehensive information about youth sports. I also emphasize the action, drama, comedy and cost of select / travel sports.

Track Mom

This site has lots of great information for parents of budding track stars ages 5 to 15. There’s good information for any sports athlete who runs.

Your Kid's Not Going Pro

Bob Cook, coach and sports parent of four, writes an honest blog about youth sports. He puts youth sports in its proper perspective.

Youth Sports Parents

Mark Hyman, sports journalist and author, opines about what’s right and what’s wrong with youth sports. He has a keen interest in sports safety.