Guest Top Ten List

Michael Ohlsson has a popular food and travel blog called, in which he explores food customs that are taboo in his home culture. He's from California, but has been living in China since 2003.

Weird Meat's 10 Favorite Blogs

China News Wrap

Another China blog. This one makes daily English translations of Chinese media.


There are a lot of great English-language blogs about China (I live in China). Danwei is one I check daily. From hard news to youth culture trends.


My favorite celebrity gossip rag.

Exiled Online

Bold, gritty writing that we need more of these days.


I have my geeky moments, and I try to keep up with developments in new media.


When I have time to enjoy reading something fun and witty that's not related to work or eating.


Another favorite food & recipe blog.

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Smitten Kitchen

One of my favorite food & recipe blogs. Lots of simple recipes with photos that make me want to cook, always.

The Hype Machine

I always have a tab open to this site, obsessively checking out new music posted on all the blogs listed here.

Wired Blogs

Wired just always makes me feel better about the future, even if it's grim, at least it's well-written.